Meet the Bloggers

Sadaf Ahmed is the founder of Bollywood Bitesized.
tarsiers, chips with gravy, things kids say, escalators on the Jubilee Line, London.
unnecessary use of the word ‘urban’ such as Urban Fruit (dried fruit), minimalism, asafoetida, Internet banner ads, people who wear shades indoors, porridge.
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Kimberly Harvey is a freelance contemporary dancer and teacher. An artificial red head, a coffee drinker, a self-confessed book worm, a lover of scribbles and guilty of a balloon phobia. A fusion of many things whose links with South Asia are slightly ‘left of field’.
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Alex Plim is a travel content writer at My Destination.
Likes: waking up to silence and/or bacon, bands beginning with B, layered cereal, getting to bus stops at the same time as the bus, beards.
Dislkes: wheeled suitcases, running out of milk, being interrupted, queue jumping, telling jokes that bomb (frequent occurrence)
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Kerry Flint is a writer, stylist, digital consultant, editor, blogger and vintage dealer.
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And introducing… The Alchemists

The Alchemists are a collection of creative individuals ages 16-25 years. During the Alchemy Festival, they form a creative community who respond to the festival through journalism, creative writing, illustration, film and photography.

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Myrto Williams is an artist and visual communicator based in London. Her work is inspired by society, human biology and the politics of the city. In 2010, she was commissioned to create new work for the Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Hub.

Myrto runs arts projects for young people, enabling them to use visual communication to aid their leaning.

Hana & Asiya are young women from Connaught School for Girls. They are both into baking and a little bit shy. The are part of the SHE Project, which supports young women in East London through discussion, activities and workshops. During the Alchemy Festival Hana, Asiya & other young women will be involved in the making of a Bollywood film in a week and blogging about the festival.


Irina is a freelance dance artist and performer who works through the mediums of movement, dance and visual arts. Her research is based on site-specific performance and the space’s potential with interest in re-contextualization of the work.

Raheem Punjabi is an amalgamation of the descendants before him, Raheem is the kinda guy that just chills. Studying Media and Drama, Raheem is also a Kathak Dancer and enjoys just sitting and chilling. General blogger and all-round alright kind of guy.

Shivani Singhania is a Year 12 student currently studying drama as one of her A Levels. She absolutely loves dance and tries to do as many different styles as she can. Shivani is a Kathak dancer and enjoys chilling with her friends and family. She is a lovely girl who loves to talk, especially if it is something she is passionate about.

Alex Rowse is a recent English Lit graduate who enjoys writing about books, art, culture and current affairs. Other interests include cooking extravagant feasts and trying to be a serious cyclist. Catch her tentatively tweeting at @alexrowse.


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