Lok Virsa: Sonia Sabri Company

I entered the Royal Festival Hall Ball Room at exactly 6:03pm, before I even get a chance to worry about my 3 mins lateness am immediately swept away into another world where we communicate with art. There were two truly talented men sat across the floor on the stage legs crossed whilst they played on flutes to a large audience including myself and am not going to lie initially I though this isn’t my usual cup of tea but by the time they began performing the second pecie it became ckear that this type of music is simply sublime and timeless because from the momènt it begins you feel like your on a journey. You could walk in at anytime and feel the vibe. When the dancers came into the peice it seemed almost cinematic like part of a master peice coming together. Around the end we even had a chance to get up and dance in a line. It was such a good show I forgot to even take photographs or anything it made me forget all the work aspects and just enjoy the experience which for me is rare.

Alika Jeffs, Alchemist


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