Infused with good vibes

To see Southbank Centre transformed into a wonderful, colourful little bit of asia during Alchemy was absolutely amazing. I was walking through the Taste Of India food market skipping and singing (literrally) at one point from being infused with the happiness and pure good vibes that was in the air. One thing that stood out for me was the Luton Truck Art when I first saw it I was in awe and joked with my mates “if we had buses like that with Tfl London would be a much happier place”. The feeling was never forced or felt like a tourist resort repeated but each encounter I had was genuine interest and allowed me to bond with the people, for example when I was at Young Indian Design Entrepreneurs exhibition I was speaking to one unique gentleman who showed me the way to the JIYO Residency & Charity Shop DJ. By the end of that saturday my mind was bursting with creative energy 🙂

Alika Jeffs, Alchemist


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