Humble The Poet – A Visual Response by Sam Mahfouz

Hip Hop Never Stops © Sam Mahfouz

Hip Hop Never Stops © Sam Mahfouz

I must say that I went to see Humble The Poet not really knowing what to expect, as I’ve never listened to or watched any of his material before. After leaving his show I was extremely surprised that I hadn’t heard of him prior to the event, as he delivered such talent, confidence and a brilliant performance. Coming from Toronto, Canada his material is all relevant to our current affairs around the globe. He also adds his own personal views on certain topics which I never found biased or arrogant in any way.

It’s great to see that he has such a passion and understanding for hip hop and he encourages anybody and everybody to take part in the “universal sport” to keep its roots of real story telling alive, whether through MC-ing, DJ-ing, B-boying or Graffiti. I’d recommend anyone of any ethnicity or age group to listen to what he has to say and respect his powerful poetry.


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