Mrs Patel Visits the Charity Shop DJ

Gathering in a group, playing and listening to music is universal. Cultures and communities around the world surround themselves with sounds and stories on every important occassion, be it christenings, weddings, deaths, or birthdays.

More often that not, the songs listened to are those that wouldn’t get anywhere near today’s pop chart, but are loved by many. On the two weekends of Alchemy 2012, the historical and music pioneers Charity Shop DJ are inviting you to come and play with them.

In a replica record store on Level 2 of the Royal Festival Hall, members of the you are invited to choose from original vintage Indian records, explore their memorabilia of Indian film posters and create your own party.

Last Sunday, Mrs Patel came to play some records that had travelled with her from India to Kenya and London, where she has lived with her husband for 40 years.

Here’s a clip of her talking about her records and memories.

by The Alchemists


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