Urban Vani

I’m still buzzing after watching Urban Vani, the amazing collaboration between Shlomo and Gauri Sharma-Tripathi. The event brought two completely different styles together; beat boxing and Kathak, an Indian classical dance form. Every single participant was incredible. The colourful kurta’s that the Kathak dancers wore emphasised the vibrant energy created in the piece. There was no instrumental accompaniment, just the ghungaroos worn on the arm of the dancers. The music created was purely from the beatboxers and the ‘bols’ said by the dancers, meaning just vocals. The urban beat fused with the traditional bols of the dance really made the audience bounce to the beat, making them want to get up and dance. Looking around me, I could see all the little kids in front with big, toothy smiles on their faces. The adults were nodding their heads to the beat, really enjoying the performance.

It was a completely different take on the two art forms. With small Kathak dance movements dotted around the piece and the sick beat happening throughout, it really showed how any two styles or cultures can be brought together to produce an incredible piece. It creates a bridge for the gap between traditional cultures and urban cultures. From the applause and screams from the audience, I’m very sure that there will be some upcoming performances from Urban Vani to see. They’ll come back with an even better, fresher and wicked show for us to see.

by Shivani, Alchemist



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