Listening to the Youth Orchestera

While sitting here and listening to the Youth Orchestra play classical Indian melodies, I’m reminded of my heritage and for some reason I started thinking solely in Punjabi. Then to hear it being infused with Jazz, it instantly reminds me of my uncle and jazz being played on an old record player, and my grandmother shouting to turn it down.

I found myself speaking to the Director of Development for Milapfest, Alok Nayak and he briefed me a little on Milapfest and what they offer. By holding national auditions, the Youth Orchestra is devised of a group of 10-18 year olds, whose talents include the table, the sitar, drums, strings and vocals. It was refreshing to hear that not only do they seek talent, but they do also develop talent and try to find them platforms to showcase their talents on. I was pointed out a particular individual, a tabla player who was also acting as second conductor and leading some of the the musicians, as this was something he wanted to do.

While listening to some play brief solos, but especially as a collaborative, it was clear to see why these young individuals had been chosen. The pulse of the tabla working alongside a drum-set, the Indian flute being played alongside trombones,saxophones, all complimented by vocals, set an atmosphere of serenity an calmness.

ImageIt’s as clear as crystal that here we have a youth orchestra that will be around for quite some time. Their hard work and determination throughout the very long tech-run/sound run, shows the spirits of these musicians and their drive to better themselves and mark their spot, on the face of the music industry.

The explosive beats, the mighty crescendos and the presence of of calm and dulcet tones, allows a juxtaposition to be present and comfortable here. It’s nice to see young British Asians, all being trained by their respected Guru’s, and the want to carry on their Asiatic traditions, with music and tradition, all in all taking command of the Orchestral environment. I will certainly be at the future rehearsals and maybe even sit in on a show. Although, this has driven me to train myself up… So who knows, maybe I’ll be part of something along with them? Right, I better get on the phone to someone who can help to organise this… This is Raheem Punjabi saying Sayanara!

By Alchemist, Raheem Punjabi


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