A Very Humble Show

As someone who has never seen or heard any of Humble The Poet’s work, I extremely enjoyed the night. My first thoughts about the show was that it would be someone standing on stage reciting some poems but, no! It was a completely different take on poetry.

First on was Jasmine Cooray. From someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy reading or listening to poetry, she had my full concentration. The imagery that she described with the poetic language really helped the mind paint a picture of her poems. Not only were her poems beautifully written, but the way she expressed her emotions with her face was also lovely. Jasmine made the audience feel relaxed in the auditorium, as if they were just hanging out at a cafe, listening to a friend reciting her poems.

Next was Naga MC. He was a contrast to Jasmine as he added the element of hip hop to poetry. His lyrics were very fascinating to listen to and really made the audience bounce in their seats.

Finally came on the star of the show, Humble the Poet. He made the atmosphere very informal and casual, which was nice. All of the acts spoke to the audience in a friendly manner, breaking that fourth wall. Humble was a cheery, smiley man who has incredible talent. To be completely honest, one of the reasons I enjoyed the show was because of his accent. The Canadian accent is just too cool! So when he started talking and cracking some jokes, I was drawn into the performance even more.

When he started to sing/rap/recite his poems, I could really see that they were coming from his heart. He explained to us how hip-hop is about telling people about your community which, when I thought about it, is very true. If you really listen to someone like 50 Cent’s lyrics, you’ll see paragraphs of verses because he’s describing what life in his community or culture is like. So, when I listened to his poems, I kinda got an insight into his life. Being Indian myself, some of the things he described I could relate to, making him more interesting to watch. From the way he portrayed himself, I could see that he is genuine guy. I feel like the person you see on stage is the person you would get if you meet him. So, I think Humble the Poet is definitely suited to his name as he is very ‘humble’.

By Shivani, Alchemist



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