Meet Alchemy blogger Kimberly


Kimberley Harvey is a freelance contemporary dancer and dance teacher. She has performed in a variety of dance projects over the years, some of which have been on the Clore Ballroom floor and around the building of The Royal Festival Hall.

Kimberley came to dance in 2000 when she was one of the founding members of Candoco’s youth dance company, Cando2.

After graduating from Candoco Dance Company’s Foundation Course in Dance for Disabled Students she went on to be one of the emerging artists on Candoco’s 3 year Moving Bodies programme; and became an Associate Artist with the company.

Kimberley is also a dancer and co-choreographer in Subtle Kraft Co. with Anna Bergström. Earlier this year they performed their debut work ‘Cravings of Intimacy & Solitude’ at The Place in London as part of Resolution! 2012.

Dance is well and truly my first love, but I do enjoy getting lost in the world of writing now and again, so blogging for the Southbank Centre during Alchemy seemed like a great way to infuse writing with my thirst for the arts.

(Photography by Gabriela Restelli)

Kimberly’s Top Five Festival Picks…

1. Moni Mohsin, Rosie Thomas, Farahad Zama: The Many Faces of Love
I am fascinated by human psychology, our perceptions and indeed, perceptions of love. Love is such a complex emotion and I am intrigued to see the different ways that these authors write about love, alongside where and how their thoughts on the subject may be similar or different.

2. Nikesh Shukla – The Ethnic Writer – How to Avoid Labels
Again, this links to my interest in psychology and the notion of ‘labelling’. How labelling is so often immediate, but yet unconscious. Does the label refer to an aesthetic, assumption or a combination of both? When is labelling negative? Can it ever be something positive? Can you ever choose the label?

3. Morning Yoga
As a dancer, I love yoga and its something that I practice on a personal level. A widely held assumption with yoga is that you have to be super-supple…this just isn’t true! Yoga is about working with your own body and getting to know and understand more about your physical (and emotional) self.

4 & 5. ‘The Art of Seeing’ and ‘The Art of Listening’
I chose these as my final two festival picks because I am always keen to maximise the potential of any experience. As a dancer I am fascinated by the notion of different levels of awareness and the effect that it has on the body.

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