Meet Alchemy blogger Kerry

ImageKerry is a writer, stylist, digital consultant, editor, blogger and vintage dealer based in London. Hailing from the North of England Kerry studied English in Cornwall and Manchester and currently writes and edits for a number of online and off-line publications. Kerry also offers advice on Digital Branding, manages marketing campaigns for fashion clients, edits websites and provides creative input to a variety of campaigns and projects. Also a published poet and vintage fashion dealer Kerry spends her spare time working on her own blog, Tricky Customers, scouring markets and baking cakes.

Kerry’s Top 5 Festival Picks:

1. Alchemy Catwalk
It’s always great to see collections by designers and India has such a strong aesthetic identity. The venue, The Clore Ballroom in The Royal Festival Hall is also going to be stunning.

2. Hetain Patel & Shane Solanki: Work in Progress
Creative collaborations are often very interesting and the exploration of language and communication is very close to my heart as a writer.

3. The Brit Pak
Being introduced to new artist is always exciting especially when the art comments on social issues.

4. Taste of India
I adore authentic Indian food as it’s so full of flavour and love to watch it being cooked by the experts.

5. Asian Dub Foundation
Asian Dub Foundation are musical pioneers who have encouraged more and more people to perform and listen to Asian music. Their political background, musical sound and influence makes this band  fascinating and unique.

Find Kerry on the web:
Tricky Customers blog
Tricky Customers Tumblr


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